10 Effective Storage Rack Ideas for the Convenience Your Small Home

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The existence of small houses is very popular and is in demand by many people. However, you must carefully divide the rooms in your small house. One of them by utilizing the maximum area of ​​the room.

The use of shelves is also important so that our home goods can be neatly arranged. In fact, storage racks are also effective for small homes.

Storage Rack Ideas

Storage Rack Ideas

In this discussion, we will discuss effective storage shelves for small homes so they look spacious for small homes.

1. Use Bright Colors on the Shelf

Bright colors are known as fresh and broad shades. The application of bright colors is also very suitable when applied on a shelf.

Beautiful Shelves Designs

Beautiful Shelves Designs – source: k4craft.com

Bookshelf Look Stylish

Bookshelf Look Stylish – source: ca.news.yahoo.com

2. The Sideboard Floats as A Shelf

By using a floating shelf, you can make full use of your home. Floating shelves will also give your house a broad impression because there are no legs on the shelves, so the floor still feels spacious.

Floating Sideboard

Floating Sideboard – source: excelpubliccharterschool.org

schwebend sideboard

Schwebel sideboard – source: bigdivahq.com

3. Multifunctional Rack

You don’t need to buy additional furniture if you can buy furniture with various functions. This will then save space in your home.

Kitchen Multifunctional Storage

Kitchen Multifunctional Storage – source: aliexpress.com

Multifunctional Iron Over Door Storage Rack

Multifunctional Iron Over Door Storage Rack – source: aliexpress.com

4. Shelves Without Doors

Doorless shelves make it easy for users to find items. Items on an open shelf can also be a decorative element that reflects the character of the owner.

Doorless Shelves

Doorless Shelves – source: pinterest.ru

Doorless Square Shelves

Doorless Square Shelves – source: ferrolhome.rs

5. Take Advantage of the Space Availability

Using space is very important to decorate a small house. Every corner that has enough space, you can use it as your storage rack.

Corner Storage Cabinet Ideas

Corner Storage Cabinet Ideas – source: batchelor-resort.com

simple corner shelves

simple corner shelves – source: 954bartend.info

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