10 Best Front Porch Designs That Can Make You Fall In Love

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Almost all houses must have a terrace area, it’s just that the size varies according to the existing land. The front porch design also needs to be styled nicely because it can influence other people’s judgments on the overall appearance of the house. What if you don’t care about other people’s ratings? Then try to think about the comfort and pleasure of the residents while relaxing on the terrace every day.

Without further ado, just look at some of the front porch design inspirations that can make you fall in love with the following.

Front Porch Designs

Front Porch Designs

1. Mediterranean-style Front Porch

Mediterranean style is identical to the use of tiles. The impression is old school, but warm and comfortable. Complete the design of this Mediterranean-style front porch with rattan furniture and soft sofas. Decorate the surroundings with green plants in pots or vines around the porch pillars. The design of the front porch like this is perfect for enjoying the fresh air in the morning.

Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean Style – source: dewdirectory.com

Mediterranean style front porch

Mediterranean style front porch – source: interiorson.com

2. Front Porch With A Swing Chair

For those of you who like to read books or just looking for fresh air on the terrace, try using a swing chair like this on the design of the front porch. Swing chairs are available in various shapes and materials. For a vintage or Scandinavian shades, choose a swing chair from rattan or wood. Add fabric and cushion to make it more comfortable when sitting on it.

As for the more modern nuances, you can also use wooden swing chairs. Just paint the chair with colors that match the color of the terrace walls. After that, decorate the straps. Besides wood, iron material is also the right choice, you know. The appearance is very modern, minimalist and elegant.

In order for this swing chair to be safe when used, make sure the ceiling frame design of the front porch is strong to withstand the burden of the users of the chair and the straps are properly installed.

Swing chairs

Swing chairs – source: solarscn.com

Swing on Porch

Swing on Porch – source: focuswithmarlene.com

3. The Front Porch With Cheerful Nuances

One way to arouse the mood in the morning is to relax on the porch of a cheerful nuance. The points that need to be presented in the design of this front porch are comfortable seating, brightly colored carpets, colorful sitting cushions, and several small pots containing colorful flowers as well. Remember to adjust the width of the terrace with the amount of furniture so that the movement is maintained.

Front porch decorating ideas

Front porch decorating ideas – source: ourhousenowahome.com

The front porch with cheerful nuances

The front porch with cheerful nuances – source: foxls.com

4. Rustic Front Porch

Busyness in the middle of the city makes the mind easy to feel tired. What if you bring a rustic feel to the design of the front porch so that the mind becomes more relaxed? The design of the front porch is very simple and relies on wood material from the roof to the floor.

Rustic Porch Design

Rustic Porch Design – source: dwellingdecor.com

Rustic porch

Rustic porch – source: homebunch.com

5. Design A Front Porch As Well As A Breakfast Place

Enjoying a simple breakfast on the porch is not difficult. The dining table that is used does not need to be large, provided that it is enough to put glasses and plates. Give a decoration in the form of a small flower pot in the center of the table. If you want to display uniqueness, please try using a table with feet from the trunk to design the front porch.

breakfast place

breakfast place – source: qualityenergysolutions.us

Inspirational Front Porch Decorating Ideas

Inspirational Front Porch Decorating Ideas – source: theturquoisehome.com

So, when do you want to set the terrace using our front porch design inspiration?

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