10 Beautiful Minimalist Laundry Room Decor To Make It More Comfortable To Live In

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Having a small house requires that you arrange each room to be more effective. The right setting to be the key to the house is more comfortable to occupy. This also applies to design a minimalist laundry area at home.

Even so, there are now many small homeowners who care about the design of their minimalist laundry room. In one small room, various activities can be carried out, starting to wash, dry, and put down other equipment. Just look at the minimalist drying room washing design ideas that you can apply the following.

Minimalist Laundry Room Decor

Minimalist Laundry Room Decor

1. Minimalist Laundry Room With A Transparent Roof

The main point of this minimalist laundry room is the availability of natural and hot light. This is recommended for you so that the laundry room is still comfortable to dry clothes and wet clothes quickly dry. Light is not only from a transparent roof. You can get light from a transparent window panel. Your minimalist laundry room is no longer stuffy and far from dirty!

Laundry room with transparent roof

Laundry room with a transparent roof – source: id.pinterest.com

Transparent Roof

Transparent Roof – source: pinterest.ru

2. Minimalist White Laundry Room

Minimizing the narrow impression of your laundry room is very easy. Wear white paint to give the impression of being spacious even though it is full of cabinets, washing utensils, and clotheslines. Besides that, it will look minimalist, hygienic, and neat. To be more dynamic and attractive, add black accents and tiny plants in it.

White laundry room

White laundry room – source: brilio.net

Wash Room

Wash Room – source: yuyek.com

3. Clothesline In The Ceiling

You can make a drying place for clothes made of iron or wood placed on the ceiling of the laundry room. If you like a classic design. You can copy the classic style of the southern United States called Southern. This classic contemporary style might be one of your inspiration for your laundry room. Solid wood cabinets with vintage finishing. To be more attractive and efficient, hang wooden clothes or iron on the ceiling. Use a pulley or hoist system so that your clothes rack can go up and down easily.

indoor clothes lines

indoor clothesline – source: defendcriticalthinking.org

laundry drying on ceiling rack

laundry drying on a ceiling rack – source: 4491.tumblr.com

4. Present Folding Iron Place

Do you have enough land for your laundry room? In addition to washing machines and drying racks, you can stick the iron to the wall. The concept is very fitting to make the laundry room like a minimalist drying place. A good idea to save space, right?

Ironing board storage ideas

Ironing board storage ideas – source: www.nanobuffet.com

Laundry Room with Sliding Storage

Laundry Room with Sliding Storage – source: amzhouse.com

5. Concept Of The Instagramable Laundry Room

Now in the season, all the corners of your room have an Instagramable concept, you know! Choose geometric ceramics that can directly make your laundry room more attractive. Also, don’t forget to decorate it with surrounding greenery to improve appearance.

Instagramable laundry room

Instagram-able laundry room – source: pinterest.ru

Modern Laundry Room

Modern Laundry Room – source: pinterest.ru

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