10 Beautiful Gazebo Design Ideas That You Must Know

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After a long day, after tiring daily activities, of course, we need to relax for a moment to unwind and enjoy our lives so that the mind feels calmer and re-excited to carry out the activities the next day. Relaxation, of course, you can do it yourself at home, for example by listening to music in the room, drinking tea on the terrace of the house, swimming in the pool, or sitting relaxed enjoying the fresh air in a minimalist gazebo.

Gazebos have many types and are usually on the edge of a swimming pool or in a home garden. You don’t need to worry if you only have a land that is not too large, you can still make a minimalist gazebo for us to try at home. This time we will discuss some interesting ideas about a minimalist gazebo design that you can try at home.

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10 Beautiful Gazebo Design Ideas That You Must Know

1. Minimalist gazebo with the hexagon shape

In general, the gazebo is a rectangular shape, but the design idea of this gazebo is hexagon shaped to make it look more unique and attractive. Make a fence with a size not too high so you can see the beauty of your home garden.

01 Minimalist gazebo with hexagon shape

Minimalist gazebo with the hexagon shape – source: pinterest.com

2. Minimalist wood gazebo

Wood is the easiest material to obtain. Wood also brings a warm and natural impression. This gazebo is made of wood in all parts.

02 Minimalist wood gazebo

Minimalist wood gazebo – source: designingidea.com

3. Simple Gazebo like a pergola

The design of this gazebo looks very simple. Gazebo doesn’t have to be covered with a complicated design. Like this one idea, this gazebo uses 4 pillars as a support and the roof frame as a place to tie the cloth cover so it does not feel hot during the day.

03 Simple gazebo like pargola

Simple Gazebo like a pergola – source: dekoruma.com

4. Gazebo with a thatched roof

This one gazebo looks more natural and natural, the roof using straw material makes a natural impression stronger and makes it look more unique. Suitable for traditional and tropical style homes.

04 Gazebo with thatched roof

Gazebo with a thatched roof – source: taylorsgardenbuildings.co.uk

5. Iron gazebo

If you are bored with wood, you can use iron material to make a gazebo. Requires an expensive budget indeed, but this gazebo is more simple and elegant.

05 Iron gazebo

Iron gazebo – source: dekoruma.com

6. Gazebo with swings

This one idea is quite interesting, by adding a swing instead of a park bench, your gazebo will be more fun and comfortable.

06 Gazebo with swings

Gazebo with swings – source: pinterest.com

7. A gazebo made from bamboo

This one gazebo looks very natural by using bamboo as a frame and straw as the roof. Very comfortable and cool when sitting under it.

07 Gazebo made from bamboo

Gazebo made from bamboo – source: bamboogazebos.co.uk

8. A gazebo made from natural stone

The idea of this gazebo is very suitable for rustic style house design. The design of the gazebo is very natural because it is made of natural stone, looks more sturdy and cool when sitting underneath.

08 Gazebo made from natural stone

Gazebo made from natural stone – source: homestratosphere.com

9. Oriental Gazebo

This gazebo is the most widely used gazebo. The design is unique and attractive and made of wood, making this gazebo very popular with many people. You don’t need to put a lounge chair in it because you can sit on the gazebo.

09 Oriental Gazebo

Oriental Gazebo – source: dekoruma.com

10. Gazebo with classic style

Classic style is a style that has never been left behind by the times. If you are a fan of classic styles, you can try the gazebo idea below.

10 Gazebo with classic style

Gazebo with classic style – source: archadeck.com

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