10 Beautiful Bohemian Kitchen Interior Designs with Good Arrangements

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When arranging kitchen designs, usually only a few people dare to express different styles. Most kitchens are designed in a minimalist style that tends to be easy to manage and timeless. But who would have thought, the concept of bohemian design is no less riveting to be applied to your beautiful kitchen.

Bohemian designs can be translated into many forms. This can be a gray wall, a chair made of solid wood or rattan, a middle eastern carpet, to an open window with a cloth upholstered on its surface.

Bohemian style is perfect combined with other designs such as rural, minimalist or Scandinavian. Easy integration makes it easy for you to mix and match with your existing kitchen.

Bohemian Kitchen Decoration Design Ideas

Bohemian Kitchen Decoration Design Ideas

Want to change the interior of your small kitchen with a bohemian touch? Look at some of the designs below!

1. Select Backsplash Showy

For starters, giving a bohemian touch you can do by boldly choosing a backsplash. You can choose bright colors with unique patterns.

blue kitchen tile backsplash

blue kitchen tile backsplash – source: dopay.info

Tempting Tile Backsplash Ideas

Tempting Tile Backsplash Ideas – source: pinterest.ru

2. Give More Touch to the Wallpaper

One way to make a wall stand out is to add a unique wallpaper. You can choose bold designs or bright colors. Can also make beautiful mural paintings.

Bohemian Kitchen Designs

Bohemian Kitchen Designs – source: lonny.com

Bohemian Touch Wallpaper Kitchen

Bohemian Touch Wallpaper Kitchen – source: tr.pinterest.com

3. Look for Southwestern Touch

Bohemian style in the southwest turned out to be a perfect match. The cool kitchen from Jungalow HQ below illustrates the perfect side of the bohemian style you want.

Bohemian Kitchen Decoration Design Ideas

Bohemian Kitchen Decoration Design Ideas – source: pinterest.com.mx

Boho Chic kitchen Designs And Decor Ideas

Boho Chic kitchen Designs And Decor Ideas – source: pinterest.fr

4. Use Natural Elements

Using natural components such as wood can give a different impression in your bohemian kitchen. The kitchen above, for example, is full of warm wood. The uniqueness emerges from various wood patterns which are applied in various angles. The perfect blend of every part of the kitchen makes it feel very bohemian.

Bohemian Kitchen Decor

Bohemian Kitchen Decor – source: pinterest.com.au

Boho Style Kitchen Ideas

Boho Style Kitchen Ideas – source: hippiebohogypsy.com

5. Enter Many Plants

The classic bohemian style is very much attached to natural ingredients. Of course nature is not only limited to wood material but also the true natural part: plants. In the bohemian kitchen design above, the designer tries to make a green plant pot as a charming finishing touch. If you plan to renovate the kitchen in a bohemian style, the idea of ​​placing plants in various angles can be tried immediately.

Bohemian Kitchen Plants

Bohemian Kitchen Plants – source: pinterest.ru

Many Plants Bohemian Kitchen

Many Plants Bohemian Kitchen – source: pinterest.fr

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