10 Attractive Bookshelf Designs to Maintain Home Neatness

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It is common when you visit the home of a friend who is very fond of reading and finding dozens or even hundreds of books scattered everywhere. Most of these books are usually arranged on bookshelves so that they look neater.

In general, bookshelves are square or rectangular in shape and are made of wood. Bookshelves like that look very boring and out of date.

Bookshelf Designs

Bookshelf Designs

Do you want a bookshelf design that isn’t boring? Below we present some unique and attractive bookshelf designs for the neatness of your home.

1. Invisible bookshelves

These wall bookshelves are only made of markers or commonly called elbows made of iron or metal elements attached to the wall. Can hold a weight of about 6.8 kilograms with a book height of 40 centimeters, you can store your favorite books while saving space with an imaginative and sturdy wall bookshelf.

Invisible Book Shelf

Invisible Book Shelf – source: fairquark.com

The Magical Floating Bookshelf

The Magical Floating Bookshelf – source: homify.co.za

2. Bookshelves From the Pipe

If you like the style of industrial design, you can try this bookshelf. By using the corner of the room as a place to store your books and use the pipe as a shelf. Give a unique and artistic impression to your home.

Cool bookshelves

Cool bookshelves – source: aubartinspiration.tumblr.com

Eclectic Bookshelf Made From Pipes

Eclectic Bookshelf Made From Pipes – source: diynetwork.com

Fun & Creative Bookshelves

Fun & Creative Bookshelves – source: superiorhousetohome.com

3. Typographic Wall Bookshelves

Wall bookshelves with simple writing or typography in preparing books that have been and will be read can also be your alternative choice in designing wall bookshelves. Wall bookshelf design can make you want to read your book!

best Typography bookshelf

best Typography bookshelf – source: pholder.com

Typographic Pieces Ideas

Typographic Pieces Ideas – source: furniturefashion.com

4. Tree-Shaped Minimalist Bookshelf

Furniture design is very diverse and inspired by various things that are around us. This can be seen from the bookshelf design that draws inspiration from the shape of the tree that you can find every day.

Best Collection of Tree Bookshelf

Best Collection of Tree Bookshelf – source: designnewsgroup.com

Tree Bookshelf

Tree Bookshelf – source: bespoakinteriors.co.uk

Unique Bookshelf

Unique Bookshelf – source: pinterest.ca

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