10 Adorable Halloween Themed Home Decorations for You to Try

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October is certainly one of the long-awaited months with a number of activities being held. One of them is the closing ceremony of Halloween this month. Houses and commercial venues also enliven Halloween by decorating buildings or interiors with various pumpkin fruit displays or various “dark” themed designs such as skulls, black cats, and many other displays.

Halloween-style decorations are often identified with pumpkins carved into human face shapes, candles, candles, dim lighting, black decorations, and other objects that can give a creepy impression.

Although synonymous with spooky impression, but there is no harm in providing a touch that is still stylish and interesting to look at. All that is needed is creativity in combining various elements and processing existing goods.

Chilling Halloween Party
Chilling Halloween Party

This unique decoration can also be adjusted to the theme of the party or birthday celebration, so that the party will feel different from the concepts and themes of existing birthday parties.

Here are some unique decorations that are appropriate for Halloween celebrations.

1. Pumpkin Candles

By using a mini-sized pumpkin and used as a candle holder, of course, a unique decoration. Decoration can be used to illuminate the front of the house or placed on the dining table both at home and on the cafe table. Of course this mini ornament becomes adorable when Halloween arrives.

DIY Pumpkin candles
DIY Pumpkin candles – source: pinterest.se
DIYs for Your Halloween Dinner Party
DIYs for Your Halloween Dinner Party – source: pinterest.com

2. Door Decoration with Spider Webs

The door is also a part that can be decorated with halloween-style decorations. The following ideas can be the right inspiration to enliven this one event. This decoration is complemented by the appearance of spider webs using interconnected threads to form certain patterns. Of course this is a halloween symbol that fits right in the front door when Halloween arrives.

Easy Halloween Front Door Decor
Easy Halloween Front Door Decor – source: collagecab.com
Spiderweb Decoration Holiday decor
Spiderweb Decoration Holiday decor – source: pinterest.com.mx

3. Decoration on Food or Beverage Equipment

“Witch” is one of the themes in designing decorations for Halloween. The idea of ​​a broom-shaped stirring drink and witch’s hat as a drink bottle cap gives a special appeal to the bar table. Not only appealing to children, even adults who like strange things will definitely like this theme.

Chilling Halloween Party
Chilling Halloween Party – source: pinterest.at
Easy Diy Halloween Decor
Easy Diy Halloween Decor – source: jihanshanum.com

4. Colorful Pumpkin

It doesn’t have to be identical with the color orange, as in this one inspiration. Pumpkin decorations can be decorated in various colors. A variety of flower decorations also decorate a unique collection of colored pumpkins. If you are too lazy to color, you can also wrap some pumpkins in elastic rubber balloons so the pumpkins look more unique on the table.

Pumpkin Halloween Party Ideas
Pumpkin Halloween Party Ideas – source: ourpotluckfamily.com
Color Changing Halloween Pumpkins
Color Changing Halloween Pumpkins – source: pinterest.ie

5. Lanterns

Lanterns are also things that can strengthen halloween-themed decorations. Magicians’ impressions are also obtained from lanterns mounted on the walls of buildings, stairs leading to dwellings, or on the dining table. Expressive and also suitable for Halloween. Also add stickers or writing to the lantern with a halloween theme.

pumpkins and lanterns for halloween
pumpkins and lanterns for halloween – source: glowtopia.co.uk
Battery Powered Hanging Lantern
Battery Powered Hanging Lantern – source: alexnld.com

Everyone also wants halloween living room decorations to amaze their guests on Halloween later.

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