Comfortable 12 Small Bedroom Designs For Your Awesome House

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The bedroom is the most important place at home because it functions as a private space to rest. However, what happens if you have a small bedroom design? Maybe you feel confused to maximize the function of the room to create the most comfortable place at home.

Through this article, we will share inspiration from the design of small bedrooms so that limited space is no longer a problem to get a comfortable living room. What are the small bedroom design ideas that can be adopted? See the article below, yes!

Comfortable Small Bedroom Designs

Comfortable Small Bedroom Designs

1. Niche, Functional Bedroom Corner

The design of this small bedroom has a rather indented angle or commonly called a niche. Well, you can use the area as a space to put a bed or study table so that there is space left over that you can use to put various room equipment, ranging from wardrobes, chairs to shoe racks.

Teenage green and yellow accents corner bed

Teenage green and yellow accents corner bed – source:


Niche – source:

2. Outside View With Large Window

The use of large windows in the design of a small bedroom gives an illusion that makes the size of the room appear larger because the light can radiate to the maximum. Not only that, but the design of this tiny bedroom also feels very comfortable because it seems to blend with the outside courtyard area, and is far from stuffy and dark.

My Room Window

My Room Window – source:

Large window

Large window – source:

3. The Illusion Of Spacious Rooms With Large Mirrors

If the design of your small bedroom does not allow large windows to be installed, another alternative is to install a jumbo mirror on the wall of the room. Like windows, the use of a jumbo mirror will give the illusion of a small bedroom design so that it looks wider.

Small Bedroom with large Mirror

Small Bedroom with large Mirror – source:

Tropical Mirrors

Tropical Mirrors – source:

4. Save Space With Multifunctional Furniture

The amount of placement of furniture will make the design of your restroom look crowded. The best solution, you can use multifunctional furniture in the design of a small bedroom so that the room looks more spacious and tidier. Meanwhile, multifunctional furniture that you can use in the design of small bedrooms includes beds with storage drawers and study tables with nightstand.

Transformer Furniture

Transformer Furniture – source:

Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional Furniture – source:

5. The Concept Of A Smart House With Folding Beds

Another inspiration is to use a folding bed to maximize the space left in the design of your small bedroom. One of the best choices, you can use a pop and roll bed that you can fold and lift when not in use to leave empty space that can be used to store other items. Not only that, but the height of the bed can also be arranged so that you can sleep comfortably and freely.

Folding beds

Folding beds – source:

Folding double bed

Folding double bed – source:

6. Mezzanine Floors, Additional Rooms In The Room

The inspiration for the design of the next small bedroom is to create additional space by building mezzanine floors that can be used for various purposes. In the design of this tiny bedroom, you can create a special area to store various clothing collections. In addition, you can design a small bedroom with two beds at once.

Mezzanine Bed idea

Mezzanine Bed idea – source:

Mezzanine Beds

Mezzanine Beds – source:

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