14 Most Ideal Teenage Bedroom Designs You Have To See

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Looking for a cool, stylish and attractive teen bedroom design? It takes a design perspective from the perspective of adolescents to be able to produce the most ideal teenage bedroom designs.

The challenge to design the most appropriate teenage bedroom can indeed be very troublesome. Want to know what the design of a dream teen bedroom looks like? Come on, look at some of the teen bedroom designs with our dreams!

Teenage Bedroom Designs

Teenage Bedroom Designs

1. Fun, Inspirational & Expressive

The main function of the design of a teenage bedroom is to rest. But don’t forget their emotional needs are closely related to creativity and young souls. Add creative elements according to their hobbies and pleasures in the design of teenage bedrooms.

Murals, wall paintings, or works of art on the wall can be a canvas of outpouring of imagination so that the design of teenage bedrooms is not boring and has its own charm.

Creative Room

Creative Room – source: residencestyle.com

Funky Decor

Funky Decor – source: warehousebrand.com

2. Private Space With Adequate Storage

Support the world of children by providing neat, neat and well-organized teen bedroom designs. Storage is one of the things that need to be considered carefully because he definitely needs space to store various items for his daily life. Study tables are usually important furniture that must exist.

Bedroom With Adequate Storage

Bedroom With Adequate Storage – source: brainhackers.club

Teen Beds With Storage

Teen Beds With Storage – source: taringa.net

3. Cool & Cool in the Teenage Bedroom

Not all teenage bedroom designs must use the concept of childish adolescence. The inspiration of teenage bedroom designs above looks like a bedroom for all ages, but there are still young elements that stand out in the use of color and decoration.

Cool teenage bedroom

Cool teenage bedroom – source: expedia.ca

Small Teenager Bedroom decoration

Small Teenager Bedroom decoration – source: yaplanchoyo.com

4. Design & Brave Colors for Young Souls

Wallpapers can be a powerful weapon for expressive and colorful teenage bedroom designs. Unlike graffiti, wallpaper or special paint color combinations can be a different, unique teenage bedroom design solution that still has a beautiful young touch. Mandala tapestry stickers or hangers are also often chosen because they are easy to install, without having to spend a lot of money.

Image of Pearl Mandala Tapestry

Image of Pearl Mandala Tapestry – source: isabelscloset.com

Unique teenage bedroom design

Unique teenage bedroom design – source: pinterest.ru

5. Choice of Modern & Minimalist Design

Modern and minimalist teenage bedroom designs can also be a safe choice that can be maintained at any time. The colors are calm and the order of quality furniture that is modular and practical is very suitable to choose because it will greatly facilitate the maintenance of bedrooms that are anti-complicated and easy to clean.

Minimalist Bed Room Design

Minimalist Bed Room Design – source: networldingblog.com

Teenage Bedroom Minimalist

Teenage Bedroom Minimalist – source: cociug.pro

6. Comfortable & Stylish Open Concept

Children aren’t interested in neat and tedious teenage bedroom designs? Just try the open-air teen bedroom design that has a contemporary millennial style. This Tumblr room style teen bedroom design can be a space for unlimited expression.

Open hanger shelves replace heavy cupboard doors, and improvised painted walls will be replaced with various artistic frames and wall art.

Contemporary millennial style

Contemporary millennial style – source: jollycaucusrace.blogspot.com

Tumblr bedroom

Tumblr bedroom – source: home4rt.com

7. Practical Teen Bedroom Designs

To design a teenage bedroom that does not have space, just use practical style furniture, such as bunk beds and matching furniture. It is important to design a teenage bedroom that leaves room for activity, so prioritize adequate floor area and divert large-sized furniture with other more practical alternatives.

Boys Bedroom

Boys Bedroom – source: ringlogie.com

Practical bedroom

Practical bedroom – source: jogvedelem.info

Well, which bedroom is your dream room?

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