11 Best Bedroom Wall Color Schemes That Will Looks More Elegant

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The color of wall paint is very important for mood and work productivity, especially in the bedroom. The bedroom is the first and last place we use every day to rest and prepare to start daily activities.

The energy emitted by color can affect mood and human activity. So choosing the right color of wall paint in the bedroom can help you welcome the day with enthusiasm.

Bedroom Wall Color Schemes

Bedroom Wall Color Schemes

Generally, the bedroom paint is white and blue, because both colors are able to display a soothing atmosphere so that sleep can feel comfortable. But you don’t need to worry if your room looks narrower, there are several ways you can do to make the room look more beautiful.

1. White Bedroom Color Paint

There is no doubt that white paint is your favorite color to apply to the wall. As a simple house paint color, white has reflective power so the room feels wider. For a simple house paint color of your choice, try using white that is completely white without any other color gradations.

bed skirt ideas

bed skirt ideas – Source: innovativecreative.co

white bedroom paint

white bedroom paint – Source: netcoding.co

2. Navy Blue, Calming Calm Color

For a simple/small house, the color of the house paint suggested is dark blue. With this simple house paint color, there will be a certain perception depth that is elegant while making the room feel more charming.

Navy blue bedroom design

Navy blue bedroom design – Source: usafashiontv.com

Navy Blue Wall Bedroom

Navy Blue Wall Bedroom – Source: addicted2decorating.com

3. Sky Blue, Awesome Paint Ideas

A soft blue sky can provide a peace that is synonymous with deep sleep. Choosing a simple house paint color will also help the room feel wider at once.

blue bedroom

blue bedroom – Source: gloopla.com

girls blue bedroom

girls blue bedroom – Source: beresdesigngroup.com

4. Emerald Green

Simple house paint colors can still have the impression of luxury and classy, for example, dark green with sparkling emerald. This shiny dark green can be applied in the living room where natural lighting can be included.

emerald green bedroom

emerald green bedroom – Source: drivenbydecor.com

green bedroom

green bedroom – Source: icld.me

minimalist green bedroom

minimalist green bedroom – Source: caloriegallery.co

5. Blush, Light Pink Color

Neutral style as a choice of simple home paint colors can also use beautiful colors like blush on. A very soft impression is the main feature of this simple house paint color. Rooms will be warmer and more impressive.

pink color bedroom

pink color bedroom – Source: sistemascorpecol.com

Top Bedroom Color Schemes

Top Bedroom Color Schemes – Source: nuitsunplugged.com

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