10 Elegant Wooden Bed Designs That Make Your Sleep More Comfortable

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Wooden beds have several advantages over other materials. Some of them are durable if you use quality wood, are heavy resistant, suitable for almost all interior designs, and have an attractive design.

Nowadays, some people are more concerned with the strength and quality of wooden beds so that they are durable and do not harm the user. In addition, wooden beds are also suitable for minimalist style bedrooms.

Wooden Bed Designs

Wooden Bed Designs

Here are some elegant wooden bed designs that make your sleep more comfortable!

1. A Wooden Bed with a Simple Curve

The first wooden bed has an elegant design because there are simple curves on each side. Its plain appearance without intricate carvings actually makes it liked by many people.

Antique Wooden Sleigh Bed Foot

Antique Wooden Sleigh Bed Foot – source: eegloo.net

Wooden Beds Furniture

Wooden Beds Furniture – source: savapound.com

2. Carved Wooden Bed at the Head of the Bed

To keep the wooden bed looking elegant, add a simple carving to the headboard.

Bedroom Royal Baroque Mahogany

Bedroom Royal Baroque Mahogany – source: turkeyculture.org

Wood Bed Legs Square

Wood Bed Legs Square – source: atlantica.pw

3. A Wooden Bed Combined with Iron

Wood bed combined with iron as a frame will also look elegant, even more sturdy.

Fashion Bed Group Dunhill Honey

Fashion Bed Group Dunhill Honey – source: homedepot.com

Wooden beds combined with iron

Wooden beds combined with iron – source: furniture.adfind.org

4. Wooden Bed with Drawers

In this modern era, furniture makers understand the needs of consumers. When housing is increasingly limited, multifunctional furniture is present. One of them is like a wooden bed with a storage drawer at the bottom. Its simple shape actually makes this wooden bed look elegant. For wood color, just adjust it to the bedroom concept.

bed drawers

bed drawers – source: dekoriko.ru

wooden bed with drawers

wooden bed with drawers – source: fraweb.co

5. Whitewood Beds

Want to use a wooden bed for a modern style bedroom? Can. You just need to choose a simple white wood bed design.

Stanstead White Solid Wood Bed

Stanstead White Solid Wood Bed – source: pinterest.ru

white wooden super king bed

white wooden super king bed – source: nakanak.org

After you get the inspiration for the design of wooden beds, the next task is to choose a type of wood that is of high quality because it will determine the age of use.

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