10 Awesome White Wall Color Schemes To Look More Cheerful

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In general, bedrooms have white painted walls. However, this makes many residents feel bored with colors that tend to be pale. To change the color of the wall by painting it, of course, the cost is not cheap.

Therefore, there are other initiatives that can be tried to decorate your room without the need to paint it. What makes you curious?

Awesome White Wall Color

Awesome White Wall Color

1. Install Photos that Around the Bed

To try something new, why not? Room walls are the best place to save your best memories! In addition, this option is easy because you don’t have to worry about buying lots of photo frames.

Decorating A Bedroom With White Walls

Decorating A Bedroom With White Walls – Source: theenz.com

Glamorous White Bedroom Walls

Glamorous White Bedroom Walls – Source: dogtrainerslist.org

2. Easy Replaceable Wall Stickers

Stickers on the walls of the room or stickers can be an option. You can easily find images that suit your taste. However, if you feel bored with a wall sticker that is already installed, you can also replace it with a new one.

Painting For Bedroom Wall

Painting For Bedroom Wall – Source: lifeofanotherleague.com

Vinyl Wall Decor Bubbles Vynil Wall Decal Sticker Decor Bat

Vinyl Wall Decor Bubbles Vynil Wall Decal Sticker Decor Bat – Source: swatchandpixel.com

3. Curtain Lights Spread on the Wall and Decorated with Photos

For hits and current, you can decorate your room with this method. How to spread the cable lights on the wall then hang your photos there.

Fairy Lights Bedroom Wall

Fairy Lights Bedroom Wall – Source: bedroomideas.pw

Perfect GiftsThat'll Make Your Home So Much Better

Perfect GiftsThat’ll Make Your Home So Much Better – Source: buzzfeed.com

Pink Hearts and Sparkle Dreams

Pink Hearts and Sparkle Dreams – Source: weheartit.com

4. Multicolored poms for the Walls of Your Room

You can hang curtains made from various colors of Pom Pom. Stretch it on the wall of the room or around the window to make your room look more colorful.

Paper Flower Pom pom

Paper Flower Pom pom – Source: alibaba.com

Pom Pom Flowers

Pom-pom Flowers – Source: flowers.iomotaimpact.com

Pom Pom Flowers Wall

Pom-pom Flowers Wall – Source: indirimcikis.shop

Well, after reading the article above, it is certainly not difficult to arrange the design of your white-walled room? What number idea would you apply to your bedroom? Share in the comments field!

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