16 Contemporary Style Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Convenience

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The bathroom is a room that must be in every house. Comfort and cleanliness are important things that must be considered in the bathroom. The design of the bathroom was also taken into account when building a bathroom for the convenience of users. Contemporary style is a style that is currently in demand by many people because of its design that almost resembles a modern style.

If you are interested in building a contemporary style bathroom, maybe this article can help you. Let’s look at some interesting ideas about contemporary-style bathrooms that we will review. Hopefully useful and can inspire you!

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16 Contemporary Style Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Convenience

1. Firmly striped design

In general, contemporary bathroom designs have horizontal lines that are very prominent and unbroken. Besides this, the curved plane and minimal wavy plane are present in this design. The rack cabinet hardware used also has a straight line to reinforce this contemporary impression.

01 Firmly striped design 01

Firmly striped design 01 – source: arsitag.com

01 Firmly striped design 02

Firmly striped design 02 – source: popeti.com

2. Original Material

In contemporary designs, the material used is genuine according to the original material. If you use wood, the wood character will be displayed as an impression without any effort to cover it. In addition, generally, this original material will still be highlighted as a contemporary uniqueness.

02 Original Material 01

Original Material 01 – source: victorianplumbing.co.uk

02 Original Material 02

Original Material 02 – source: freshome.com

3. Simple design

Every contemporary bathroom design has a minimalist aesthetic where all bathroom fixtures have their own shelf space and are always kept neatly. Therefore, every person who sees will definitely have a simple, simple impression but still looks elegant.

03 Simple design 01

Simple design 01 – source: victorianplumbing.co.uk

03 Simple design 02

Simple design 02 – source: victorianplumbing.co.uk

4. Contrast

The contrast in the design of this bathroom is clear without excessive decoration or bathroom accessories. You can add green plants or flower vases to the bathroom that will produce contrast. In addition, you can also play with the colors of the original bathroom fixtures. Like a cabinet shelf that has a brown wood color. While the mirror has a roomy design without accessories around the edges of the mirror.

04 Contrast 01

Contrast 01 – source: archdaily.com

04 Contrast 02

Contrast 02 – source: drivingcreekcafe.com

5. Simple lighting

The lighting layout in this bathroom design is fairly simple without a glamorous light layout. This is reasonable because the simple and elegant impression is automatically visible without the need to add light that might damage your contemporary design.

05 Simple lighting 01

Simple lighting 01 – source: decoist.com

05 Simple lighting 02

Simple lighting 02 – source: jannermanor.com

6. Open space

You can create an optical illusion of open impression by using floating cabinet shelves. In addition, it will also create the impression of a spacious and spacious floor. Although basically, it is not as visible as it is.

06 Open space 01

Open space 01 – source: decoist.com

06 Open space 02

Open space 02 – source: home-designing.com

7. Color selection

In general, contemporary style has a tendency to cool colors. However, you can choose your favorite color. Even so, the material you use certainly has the color of the material that matches the original.

07 Color selection 01

Color selection 01 – source: decozilla.com

07 Color selection 02

Color selection 02 – source: homecrestcabinetry.com

8. All chrome

You can add bathroom fixtures or accessories that have chrome or silver. This certainly will produce a glossy impression that will reinforce the contemporary bathroom. In addition, this material will certainly make it easier to clean besides being more durable.

08 All chrome 01

All chrome 01 – source: godfatherstyle.com

08 All chrome 02

All chrome 02 – source: remontiro.ru

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