12 Tropical Bathroom Design Ideas To Make Bathing More Refreshing

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Not much different from other rooms, the bathroom must also be designed in accordance with the wishes and needs so that it feels comfortable when used because its function is very important to support your activities every day. For those of you who want to create a fresh natural feel, the design of a tropical bathroom can be the right choice.

Tropical Bathroom Design Ideas

Tropical Bathroom Design Ideas

Tropical bathrooms are usually thick with natural shades and blend with nature. The design of tropical bathrooms is usually characterized by providing plenty of open space and lots of greenery, which are placed inside. The use of all open materials is also used in this concept.

This design concept is very suitable to be applied in tropical countries. In addition to designs that blend with nature, tropical designs are usually also characterized by having adequate openings to get sunlight and good air circulation.

Here are some inspirations of tropical style bathroom designs.

1. Natural Stone Wall

Natural stone can also be a choice of wall coverings to add to the impression of a tropical bathroom.

Fresh Natural Outdoor Bathroom Ideas

Fresh Natural Outdoor Bathroom Ideas – Source: bglgroupng.com

Top Bathroom Trends

Top Bathroom Trends – Source: decoist.com

tropical bathroom also outdoor bathtub

the tropical bathroom also outdoor bathtub – Source: finefurnished.com

2. Green Plants

For bathrooms of limited size, you can still apply the tropical bathroom concept. The trick, by including elements of green plants in it.

Best plants for bathrooms

Best plants for bathrooms – Source: deavita.net

Fresh Atmosphere in the Bathroom

Fresh Atmosphere in the Bathroom – Source: orchidlagoon.com

Outdoor Bathroom Ideas

Outdoor Bathroom Ideas – Source: bathroomsshowers.blogspot.com

plant room divider

plant room divider – Source: dreamseekers.info

3. Color Games

The concept of a tropical bathroom can also be realized with color games, like this bathroom, using light brown.

Home Improvement Professionals

Home Improvement Professionals – Source: thehousetohomelist.com.au

light brown bathroom

light brown bathroom – Source: stephaniebrowninc.com

4. Natural Wood Material

The use of natural materials such as wood or bamboo on the wall or bathtub adds to the natural impression of tropical bathrooms, as well as outdoor areas that can make you feel relaxed.

bathtub wooden material

bathtub wooden material – Source: salvabrani.com

Natural wood material

Natural wood material – Source: rusradio.info

wood slat bathroom Interior

wood slat bathroom Interior – Source: tsc-snailcream.com

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