12 Comfortable Minimalist Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

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The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in our home, which we use every day. Aside from being a place to treat and clean themselves, the bathroom is also a place to unwind from the hectic daily activities. Therefore, it is necessary to design the right modern bathroom to support the relaxation activities carried out in the bathroom.
If you are looking for references about a comfortable and modern bathroom for a minimalist home, maybe this article can help you solve your problem. Next, we have summarized some interesting ideas about the design of unique bathrooms for minimalist homes:
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12 Comfortable Minimalist Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

1. Stay relaxed in the tiny bathroom

By doing the right design arrangement in a small bathroom, you can get a relaxed sensation when you soak in the tub. This modern bathroom design divides the wet area and dries clearly through the glass partition. The division of the area in this modern bathroom design facilitates the placement of furniture and sanitary equipment, allowing the owner to install cabinets in dry areas while placing a bathtub in a wet area.
01 Stay relaxed in the tiny bathroom source houzz com

Stay relaxed in the tiny bathroom – source: houzz.com

2. Free without insulation

Applying a semi-open bulkhead like the design of a small modern bathroom can also be an option. At a glance, the design of this modern bathroom looks like it doesn’t use a bulkhead at all. Transparent seals that are only installed near the shower head can protect dry areas in the bathroom from splashing water.
02 Free without insulation source houzz com

Free without insulation – source: houzz.com

3. Clean with White Domination

The dominance of white can be applied to modern bathroom designs to display a maximum clean impression. If the design of a modern bathroom like this is too boring, give it a tropical touch that is refreshing to the presence of indoor plants.
03 Clean with White Domination source houzz com

Clean with White Domination – source: houzz.com

4. More Modern with Masculine Impressions

In addition to the white color that presents the impression of being clean, the modern bathroom design is also dominated by the use of dark colors that are masculine. This dynamic blend of colors can be seen in the design of this modern bathroom. To add to the appeal of modern bathroom designs, the natural impression can also be presented through wood elements that appear on the floor coating.
04 More Modern with Masculine Impressions source houzz com

More Modern with Masculine Impressions – source: houzz.com

5. Decorative Walls in the Bathroom

Walls in dry areas look attractive with patterned wall wallpapers and three-dimensional accented coatings. Subway tiles on the wet area walls of this modern bathroom design also complement the dynamic blend in dry areas. Even though it is filled with a variety of ornaments and accents, this modern bathroom design still looks comfortable to use.
05 Decorative Walls in the Bathroom source houzz com

Decorative Walls in the Bathroom – source: houzz.com

6. Unique Design Experiments

Unique ornaments emanated on the natural stone wall beside the toilet. Meanwhile, the wasteful section appeared nicely with solid wood panels. Exploration of modern bathroom designs like this can change the view of the bathroom as a dirty place to be a place full of inspiration.
06 Unique Design Experiments source houzz com

Unique Design Experiments – source: houzz.com

7. Elegant Ivory Color

Glass games make the next minimalist bathroom no less stunning. The large glass on the cabinet and transparent glass as a barrier to wet and dry areas, creating a glowing appearance. Furniture with wood elements gives a strong warm impression, especially the wood fibers are seen on the sink table make the bathroom look natural and attractive.
07 Elegant Ivory Color source homify com

Elegant Ivory Color – source: homify.com

8. Feeling Warm and Natural

The combination of gray and white is able to bring warm and natural nuances so that bathing activities feel more enjoyable. This bathroom is also decorated with shelves filled with various displays and candles. Besides the presence of black and the presence of glass ornaments, it gives the impression of elegance and clean, which is the charm of this bathroom style.
08 Feeling Warm and Natural source homify com

Feeling Warm and Natural – source: homify.com

9. Simple and elegant

Simple display, it makes this bathroom look elegant. Facing the view to the beach, right in front of the large window is a unique shaped sink, a versatile small table, and curtains. And on the right with a marble wall, it looks like a closet. Feel relieved and comfortable for this bathroom.
09 Simple and elegant source homify com

Simple and elegant – source: homify.com

10. Multifunctional Scandinavian Style Bathroom

For those of you who like a Scandinavian style, you must be stunned by this tiny bathroom that can appear artistic? Size is not a barrier to making a dream bathroom of course. Although small, but this bathroom is complete with a sink and a washing machine. The presence of wooden glass, artistic lights, and wooden shelves to become ornaments that managed to make this bathroom steal our attention!
10 Multifunctional Scandinavian Style Bathroom source homify com

Multifunctional Scandinavian Style Bathroom – source: homify.com

11. Artistic Walls

Combining white brick walls, and combined with patterned walls, which make the interior look like a 5-star hotel bathroom! Look spacious and relieved. The multipurpose shelves are placed on the wall. And for the atmosphere to be fresher, it’s presented here.
11 Artistic Walls source homify com

Artistic Walls – source: homify.com

12. Futuristic bathroom

Minimalist bathroom with a futuristic touch, which is very pronounced in the shower area. The white color and the touch of gray are already right to present a futuristic feel. Moreover, this bathroom also applies marble floors and walls, which makes it look attractive!
12 Futuristic bathroom source homify com

Futuristic bathroom – source: homify.com

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