12 Amazing Bohemian Minimalist Bathroom Designs for You to Have

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Who says bathroom interiors cannot be explored? Bathrooms can be fashionable and beautiful in a bohemian style, but still, maintain a neat and clean minimalist character.

Interested in trying it? Don’t worry, you don’t need to hunt for boho trinkets abroad. Use classic titles that are full of bright and bright colors, will make the main features of your bathroom more comfortable. Choose classic tiles with various colors and patterns, then arrange randomly on the floor or wall.

To maintain the minimalist impression, not all layers of walls and floors must use classic colorful tiles. If tiles are used for walls, the floor must be a neutral or simple geometric motif.

Bright Bohemian Bathroom Design Ideas

Bright Bohemian Bathroom Design Ideas

Let’s look at some minimalist bohemian bathroom designs that you can emulate.

1. Antique mirror

Not a typical Bohemian box-door mirror, but a round mirror or box with a small engraving, a simple profile on the frame.

Antique mirror bathroom

Antique mirror bathroom – source: qssupplies.co.uk

cute antique bathroom

cute antique bathroom – source: aeroverse.co

cute rustic bathroom

cute rustic bathroom – source: tr.pinterest.com

2. Potted plants

Plant motifs are the main characters of the boho style. Place plants, flowering or not, in the sink, near a window, or a blank wall.

bohemian bathroom ideas

bohemian bathroom ideas – source: pinterest.ph

Potted plants in the bathroom

Potted plants in the bathroom – source: salvabrani.com

Small Bathroom with Potted Plants

Small Bathroom with Potted Plants – source: isabellestyle.com

3. Iron bucket and rattan basket

Do you usually put buckets and baskets of dirty clothes in the bathroom? To be fashionable, place an iron bucket or rattan basket under the sink.

Bohemian Bathroom Design Ideas

Bohemian Bathroom Design Ideas – source: en.blogueras.net

Bohemian Style Bathroom

Bohemian Style Bathroom – source: pinterest.ru

Bright Bohemian Bathroom Design Ideas

Bright Bohemian Bathroom Design Ideas – source: digsdigs.com

4. Portion distribution

The living boho character must be balanced with a minimalist character. Make sure you don’t put too many unnecessary accessories to keep the bathroom clean and loose.

Bohemian Bathroom Decor

Bohemian Bathroom Decor – source: wordwebvocabulary.com

Bohemian Bathroom Interior

Bohemian Bathroom Interior – source: pinterest.es

Eclectic Bohemian Bathroom

Eclectic Bohemian Bathroom – source: pinterest.ie

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